May 8, 2024


From disruption to opportunity: Strategies for rewiring global value chains

As a core community member of the World Economic Forum, Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) is pleased to share their latest White Paper, From Disruption to Opportunity: Strategies for Rewiring Global Value Chains.

92% of organisations are regionalising their manufacturing footprint.

Amidst ongoing disruptions, manufacturers are embracing a holistic approach to fortify global value chains. As manufacturers navigate complexities, collaboration between industries and sectors is becoming essential to fortify value chains for future resilience and sustainability.

Drawing on insights from over 300 global operations executives and 30-plus consultations, From Disruption to Opportunity: Strategies for Rewiring Global Value Chains, presents a playbook of proven strategies and best practices enacted by manufacturers to redesign their value chains and ensure they are best positioned to deliver positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Referenced in the White Paper, Dr Mohammad Choucair, CEO of Archer, said:
“Embracing the reality that you can’t do everything yourself is crucial, necessitating a re-evaluation of your business models and their integration with the supply chain.

“This realisation brings to the forefront the meticulous yet essential task of partner selection, ensuring that all parts of the chain work in harmony. The global supply chain, with its diverse constituents, must operate seamlessly, despite the understanding that perfection is unattainable."

The full White Paper can be downloaded here.