is a materials technology company

Materials are the tangible physical basis of all technology. We’re developing and integrating materials to address complex global challenges in quantum technology, human health, and reliable energy.

Advanced materials to underpin technology

We’re developing advanced materials to build disruptive technology. Our innovative materials include carbon-based qubits for quantum computing, graphene enhanced biosensors, graphitic battery anodes and more.

Mineral exploration to secure future economies

We’re exploring Australia’s natural resources to source the building blocks of modern technology. Our projects span critical minerals like graphite, copper, tungsten, cobalt and more.

Integration to accelerate global impact

Our approach to materials development and exploration is enabling a new wave of converging technologies, each with the potential to positively impact global industries spanning electronics, medicine, and energy.


Materials that enable quantum information processing could transform all industries dependent on computational power. The development of our 12CQ qubit processor chip could provide a potential solution to room-temperature quantum computing and enable direct consumer ownership of quantum computing powered technology.

Archer is a member of the IBM Q Network and the associated Quantum Startup Program.


Materials in complex biosensing devices provide the means to identify disease and infection. We are developing a potential solution to rapid multiplexing that involves printable graphene-based biosensors that could simplify medical diagnosis and aid point of care disease management.


Materials that have the ability to control the accumulation of heat, light and electricity reversibly and efficiently have wide-reaching applications in energy storage and use. We are developing mineral commodities for downstream use in battery technologies that could address trade-offs between cost and performance.