At we develop mineral resources

Through a unique combination of exploration and innovation, we’re creating advanced materials that can enable reliable energy, human health and quantum technologies for the betterment of society.

Exploration to secure future economies

We’re exploring Australia’s natural resources to find and source the building blocks of modern technology. With projects spanning graphite, magnesite, cobalt and more, we’re making the materials of the future possible.

Innovation to reinvent materials thinking

By harnessing the potential of scientific innovation, we’re transforming our mineral resources into the advanced materials needed to drive the new order of performance required by future industries and technologies.

Integration to accelerate global impact

Our collaborative approach to mineral and materials development is enabling a new wave of converging technologies, each with the potential to revolutionise global industries spanning energy, medicine, and electronics.


Energy technologies are an integral part of society. The ability to control the accumulation of heat, light and electricity efficiently and reversibly has wide-reaching applications in energy storage and use. We are developing advanced materials for a future circular economy based on providing non-polluting alternatives to fossil fuels.


Future technologies incorporating complex biosensing devices will need to quickly identify disease and infection. We are developing material probes that can be integrated as functional elements for rapid diagnostic medical imaging and in the detection of complex biological molecules connected to the human immune system.


Materials that enable quantum information processing could transform all industries dependent on computational power and are at the heart of some of the biggest challenges facing quantum computing. We are developing the fundamental components to practical quantum computers for wide-scale commercial use.