is a materials technology company

We’re creating technology that could spur transformational solutions to complex global challenges.

Advanced materials to underpin technology

We’re developing the next generation of semiconductors for an increasingly mobile and data centric world. Our innovative materials include carbon-based qubits for quantum computing, graphene for enhanced biosensors and more.

Technologies to shape future economies

We’re building devices that push the boundaries of modern technology. Our development spans quantum computing qubit processors, lab-on-chip biosensors, and more.

Deep tech with global impact

Our approach to materials technology could enable a new wave of semiconductor chip technologies, each with the potential to positively impact global industries.


Materials that enable quantum information processing could transform all industries dependent on computational power. The development of our 12CQ qubit processor chip could provide a potential solution to room-temperature quantum computing and enable direct consumer ownership of quantum computing powered technology.

Archer is a member of the IBM Q Network and the associated Quantum Startup Program.

Archer is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program.


Materials in complex biosensing devices provide the means to identify disease and infection. We are developing a potential solution to lab-on-a-chip diagnostics that involves biosensors that could aid point of care disease management.