A qubit processor is the most crucial
hardware component of a quantum computer.

Archer is developing a qubit processor chip that could potentially operate at room temperature and integrate with modern electronics.

Quantum computing machines are limited in ownership and use because they use qubit processors that currently operate at low temperatures or are difficult to integrate with modern electronics. To enable more practical quantum computing technology, we're developing a new qubit processor called 12CQ. 

12CQ chip

Archer is one of very few companies developing a qubit processor. We're doing this by making breakthrough advancements in building quantum hardware – devices that scientists only began to imagine a few years ago.

The 12CQ chip is utilising a unique carbon-based architecture that has the potential for practical qubit processing. We're focused on advancing our 12CQ chip technology towards integration with mobile devices.

We have an understanding that this emerging technology is expected to solve valuable problems that today’s most powerful technologies can't solve and never will.

Partner with us to develop, scale, and deploy quantum technology.