May 23, 2024


Archer features in WEF global report and quantum investments remain strong



Archer Materials’ May newsletter covers Archer’s contribution to the World Economic Forum’s latest white paper on global value chains, CSIRO’s quantum biotech head speaking to the BBC, NVIDIA’s first quarter results showing the power of AI, and governments across the world increasing their investments into quantum start-ups.

Archer featured in World Economic Forum white paper on value chains
Many organisations across the world are bringing their supply chains closer to home due to ongoing challenges. The World Economic Forum white paper ‘From Disruption to Opportunity: Strategies for Rewiring Global Value Chains,’ gathered insights from global operators on how to implement best practice in designing global value chains that are resilient, sustainable, and deliver growth.

As a partner of the World Economic Forum, I contributed to the white paper’s findings on behalf of Archer, detailing how organisations must collaborate, and integrate with, the supply chain by finding the right partners.

CSIRO quantum biotech head speaks to quantum’s power
The BBC recently spoke to the head of quantum biotechnology at CSIRO, Liam Hall, about his journey to studying quantum, what he and his team are working on, and quantum’s potential impact on transforming a wide array of industries.

He goes on to say how quantum computing will supply the computational power to handle the processing of extremely large algorithms to drive enhanced AI and machine learning. Liam also touched on the intersection of biotechnologies and quantum in the context of vaccine development.

The next industrial revolution has begun
Chipmaker NVIDIA’s first quarter results shows that AI across gaming and PCs, chatbots, automotive, robotics, and professional visualisation is becoming more embedded, and the bolstering of its data centres will help support its AI development. Its revenue was up 18% to US$26 billion from the previous quarter and up 262% from the previous year.

The founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, said that the “the next industrial revolution has begun.” He said that AI will also increase productivity across multiple industries and that the company is building a new type of AI data centre.

Government’s continue with their quantum investments
McKinsey’s annual Quantum Technology Monitor reports that 2023 saw strong funding for quantum companies, even though it decreased 27% compared to 2022. This decline, however, was smaller than the 38% decline in all start-up investment worldwide. Last year saw US$1.71 billion invested globally in quantum technology start-ups, with an increasing amount coming from the public sector at US$42 billion.

The surge in public investment was largely focused on scaling well-established quantum start-ups, those founded five or more years ago. With quantum talent growing, there is a need for governments and organisations alike to focus on broad collaborations to build strong capabilities.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE)

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