April 26, 2024


Quantum and AI are prompting transformative potential across industries

Archer Materials’ April newsletter covers Archer’s recent ShareCafe and Strawman interviews, America’s ABC covering quantum computing, and the CSIRO’s report on AI tools transforming healthcare.

Investor presentations and outreach
In our recent shareholder and investor presentations, I delved into the pressing questions surrounding Archer’s technologies. Investors keenly sought to understand not just the theoretical promise but the practical implementation. This learning also explored how the semiconductor fabless model works and its advantages in potentially developing Archer’s 12CQ quantum chip and Biochip technologies.

The implementation of the technology, however, is not the only challenge. In my interview with Andrew Page, the founder of online investor community Strawman, we discussed how Archer is applying a focused and considered approach to protecting its chip technology IP around the world, assembling a pioneering team and recognising their pivotal role in the future workforce, and the meticulous yet essential task of partner selection in the semiconductor value chain.

The next watershed technology could be quantum 
An article by the United States’ ABC News detailed how quantum computing could be the next watershed technology after artificial intelligence. It mentions IBM unveiling its first quantum computer on a university campus in New York. The article also cites a McKinsey & Company’s report finding that quantum computing across automotive, chemicals, financial services, and life sciences could add a combined US$1.3 trillion in value to the global economy by 2035.

CSIRO explores AI tools in healthcare 
CSIRO’s recent report titled ‘AI Trends for Healthcare’ reveals how AI tools are transforming healthcare through the wave of big data and computer power. The report explores the opportunities and challenges of using AI in areas like diagnosis, treatment, data privacy, research, and aged care. It also emphasises the need for ethical and safe frameworks for AI in healthcare, as it can have life-changing impacts on patients and clinicians. 


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE)

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