February 1, 2024


Pitt Street Research Report: Paradigm shifting technologies

Please note that the report below has been commissioned by Archer Materials Limited (Archer) and prepared and issued by Pitt Street Research Pty Ltd an Authorised Representative (no: 1265112) of BR Securities Australia Pty Ltd (Pitt) to present an analysis of Archer and its projects. Archer commissions and pays a fee for these reports.

Pitt, an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, issues the research report. The report has been prepared and issued by Pitt, and the opinions contained in the report represents those of the principals of Pitt at the time of publication.

While Archer commissions and pays a fee to Pitt for the report, it does not prepare the report and does not endorse the contents, including any price target, earnings forecast, or other statements about the company’s prospects. Archer makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, adequacy or reliability of any statements, estimates, opinions or other information in the report.

In providing access to the report, Archer is not giving financial product advice and makes no recommendations about whether you should buy or sell Archer shares. Before dealing in shares, you should consider obtaining financial product advice from a qualified person who has an Australian Securities and Investment Commissions license to give such advice.

To request a copy of the research report directly from Pitt please use the direct details provided below:

Pitt Street Research Pty Ltd

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Pitt Street Research Report: Paradigm shifting technologies