January 5, 2022


A Business Leader's Guide To Quantum Technology



Good morning, during my trip to Silicon Valley in December 2021 I met with members of the Deloitte US team working in the area of quantum computing. I would like to share a Deloitte insight titled ‘A business leader’s guide to quantum technology’.

As many readers will know, quantum computing is expected to enable innovations in many sectors dependent on computational power including, drug and materials discovery, financial portfolio management, cryptography, among many others, with tech giants and governments investing billions to achieve quantum breakthroughs.

I would like to highlight a few key points from the Deloitte insight related to quantum computing:

  • A wait-and-see attitude could cause organisations to miss critical opportunities to test and experiment with the technology while their competitors gain ground.
  • Examples are provided to help explain how some Fortune 500 companies are researching how to use quantum computers to solve problems that are too hard for classical computers.
  • While most laptops today can solve the same problems as early-stage quantum computers, quantum capability is growing exponentially.
  • Within a decade, quantum computers are expected to be able to advance solutions to a large range of problems in numerous industries.
  • Quantum computers are probably not going to replace classical computers. It’s more likely that they will coexist with their classical counterparts.

Archer has made considerable progress in the development of our 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor chip, a world-first qubit processor technology that could allow for quantum computing powered mobile devices (‘QPMDs’).

We are excited to build on this progress in 2022 and I look forward to updating you on Archer’s deep-tech developments, and hopefully, demystify quantum along the way.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE)