February 28, 2024


Archer attends Quantum Australia 2024 and adds to industry research


Archer Materials has provided updates on progress for its 12CQ chip and Biochip technologies for the half yearly report, attended the Quantum Australia 2024 event, and featured in reports by Pitt Street Research and the Australian National Fabrication Facility.

Progress on 12CQ chip and Biochip technologies in the half yearly report
Archer recently detailed its progress on its 12CQ chip and Biochip in its half yearly report for the first six months of FY24.

The team has developed circuitry for the initial stages of readout for the 12CQ chip technology, to be embedded in devices. Readout means the user will be able to read the data output of the qubit. This early stage measuring and testing are a part of Archer’s initial approaches for readout and includes first indications of quantum detection. The testing and manufacturing of some of the components are done in partnership with a facility in Germany.

Archer also made solid progress on the development of the graphene field effect transistor (gFET) design, the sensor for the Biochip. We validated two different designs of the gFET through a multi-project wafer run and a whole wafer run in foundries in Germany and Netherlands, respectively. The validations assist in the future production readiness of the Biochips. Another design of the gFET has also been submitted to a foundry in Spain to improve the efficiency of the technology development processes. Alongside this, we demonstrated multiplexing for four gFET sensors on a chip, which would provide the capability for the Biochip to test multiple liquid samples at once.

Archer discusses industry careers at Quantum Australia 2024
Archer took part of Australia’s premier quantum industry event over 20 – 22 February, Quantum Australia 2024, which was hosted by the Sydney Quantum Academy. The event’s theme for 2024 was ‘Accelerating Impact: From Research to Commercialisation and Developing Quantum Technology Markets’.

Archer’s Quantum Measurement Engineer, Dr Byron Villis, was a panellist at Quantum Australia 2024, which included industry and research organisations, from Diraq, University of Sydney, CSIRO, and the Department of Defence discussing careers in quantum computing.

Archer built relationships with leaders in quantum from across the globe at the event and discussed the latest developments in the sector. The event also provided an opportunity for Archer to engage with emerging talent to continue growing its team.

Archer’s catalysts in Pitt Street Research report
Archer featured in a Pitt Street Research (PSR) report titled ‘Paradigm shifting technologies’ where the 12CQ chip and Biochip technologies were detailed. The research report also covered how Archer’s technologies could potentially shape multiple industries in the future.

Archer commissioned and paid a fee for this report; however Archer did not prepare the report and does not endorse the contents, including any price target, earnings forecast, or other statements about the company’s prospects. In providing access to the PSR research report, Archer is not giving financial product advice and makes no recommendations about whether you should buy or sell Archer shares.

‘Delivering the quantum promise’ ANFF whitepaper
The Australian National Nanofabrication Facility (ANFF) published a report titled ‘Delivering the quantum promise: a handbook for businesses to engage with the Australian quantum ecosystem’. Archer was featured in the report, which details how Australian businesses can prepare for the uptake of quantum technologies and provides pathways in which they can offer solutions and have a competitive advantage. The ANFF supported this whitepaper which is another tool that fits with Australia’s National Quantum Strategy.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE)

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