March 18, 2021


Archer and Max Kelsen strengthen collaboration


Good morning, as shareholders will know, in December 2020 Archer announced a collaboration agreement with Brisbane-based AI firm Max Kelsen to develop quantum computing algorithms relevant to the operation of the 12CQ quantum computing chip.

Archer CEO and Senior Management recently travelled to Brisbane to meet the CEO and R&D teams of Max Kelsen to further strengthen our collaboration and learn more about the Max Kelsen business to explore strategic areas of mutual interest.

Max Kelsen CEO, Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry (left) and Archer Materials CEO, Dr Mohammad Choucair (right).

Both Archer and Max Kelsen are part of the global IBM Q Network. The collaboration with Max Kelsen is a key step in the commercialisation of the 12CQ chip and aims to validate chip end-uses and high-value practical applications.

12CQ is a world-first quantum processor technology that Archer aims to build for quantum computing operation at room-temperature and integration onboard electronic devices: this would allow for ‘mobile’ end uses of quantum powered technology.

Archer CEO and Senior Management led in-depth discussions with the R&D and Quantum Algorithm team at Max Kelsen, which resulted in a robust development pathway for outcomes of collaborative work focused on Quantum Neural Networks (QNNs) quantum computing algorithms.

These quantum algorithms are not for the faint of heart.  A quantum algorithm is a step-by-step procedure, where each of the steps can be performed using a qubit processor. You can learn more about what it takes to develop quantum algorithms here.

Archer is aiming to validate the advantages of QNNs in diverse use-cases that would benefit from  ‘mobile’ quantum computing, including in the financial services sector, e.g. in advanced data analysis, sales forecasting, risk analysis, and natural language processing.

The joint QNN project with Max Kelsen involves implementing IBM’s quantum software platform Qiskit, and highlights how Archer and Max Kelsen are contributing to advancing practical applications of quantum computation as part of the global IBM Q Network.

Archer’s technology development roadmap is currently focused on achieving qubit control in few- and single-qubits. Archer and Max Kelsen have now arrived at a detailed development roadmap for adapting IBM’s Qiskit Pulse toolkit to be used with 12CQ prototype chips (to control our qubits on the chips we build and instruments we use to do this).

This Qiskit integration would allow for ‘pulse-level’ control of Archer’s spin-based, room-temperature qubit devices, building on Archer’s quantum control measurements that are currently underway and advancing.

We look forward to updating you on the exciting progress we are making with Max Kelson, with key outcomes lodged to ASX.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE)