ASX Announcements

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  1. US patent granted for 12CQ quantum computing chip

  2. Biochip patent application enters US National Phase

  3. Chinese patent granted for 12CQ quantum computing chip

  4. South Korean patent granted for 12CQ quantum computing chip

  5. Archer to collaborate with Australian Defence Prime NIOA

  6. New quantum computing agreement with IBM

  7. Access to institutional deep tech infrastructure expanded

  8. Quantum tech patent portfolio progress update

  9. First patent granted for 12CQ quantum computing chip

  10. Quantum collaboration with leading AI firm Max Kelsen

  11. Patent applications progress update

  12. Lab on a chip biotechnologist joins Archer

  13. Archer to attend Trade Mission to London Tech Week

  14. South Korea patent application advances

  15. Japanese patent application advances in examination stage

  16. European patent application proceeds to substantial examination stage

  17. Quantum computing agreement with IBM

  18. WIPO receives Archer PCT application

  19. Patent application filed for graphene biosensor technology

  20. London Quantum.Tech conference

  21. Quantum Tech Global Business Conference and Exhibition

  22. Provisional patent registered for biosensor ink

  23. Exclusive licence obtained for breakthrough quantum computing IP

  24. MTA signed with German biotech for graphene-based biosensor technology

  25. Key licence terms for quantum technology IP finalised

  26. Archer to enter exclusive negotiations on quantum device IP

  27. Jamieson Tank Manganese Project Exploration Target

  28. Jamieson Tank manganese project

  29. Collaboration to develop carbon-based battery technologies

  30. Agreement to develop graphene-based heat transfer technology

  31. MOU with Urbix for graphite purification alternatives

  32. Collaboration to develop carbon-based biosensor technologies

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