News & Reports

  1. Cleansing Notice

  2. Appendix 3B

  3. Archer raises $300,000 to fund growth opportunities

  4. Invitation to attend presentation

  5. Increased potential for Blue Hills to host copper-gold

  6. Human antibodies printed on graphene biosensors

  7. Archer commences 12CQ project

  8. Spherical graphite produced from Campoona deposit

  9. Appendix 3B - Exercise and Expiry of Unlisted Options

  10. Final drill results for Blue Hills copper gold project

  11. Change of Director's Interest Notice

  12. Change of Director's Interest Notice

  13. Latest drill results support copper potential of Blue Hills

  14. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  15. Provisional patent registered for biosensor ink

  16. Satisfaction of condition for sale of Sugarloaf Farm Land

  17. First assays confirm copper discovery at Blue Hills

  18. Lapse of unlisted options and change of Directors’ Interest Notice

  19. Large intrusive style copper-gold alteration at Blue Hills

  20. Appointment of quantum technology manager

  21. Appendix 3B

  22. Exclusive licence obtained for breakthrough quantum computing IP

  23. Chairmans Address to Shareholders

  24. Results of Meeting

  25. Execution of Sale Agreement for Sugarloaf Farm Land

  26. Archer AGM details

  27. Drilling of Blue Hills Copper-Gold Project

  28. Appendix 3B

  29. Cleansing Notice

  30. Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

  31. Archer to drill Blue Hills Copper-Gold Project after termination of Share Sale Agreements

  32. JMEI - 2017/2018 Entitlement Statements

  33. MTA signed with German biotech for graphene-based biosensor technology

  34. Appendix 4G and 2018 Corporate Governance Statement

  35. Results of General Meeting

  36. Leigh Creek Magnesia Project – sale update

  37. General Meeting of Shareholders - Change of Venue

  38. Full-cell Li-ion batteries successfully produced with Campoona graphite

  39. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  40. Key licence terms for quantum technology IP finalised

  41. Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

  42. Graphene inks for printed biosensor technologies

  43. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  44. Archer graphite a versatile graphene feedstock

  45. IPO of non-graphite projects

  46. Opportunity to toll process Archer graphite

  47. Appendix 3B

  48. Cleansing Notice

  49. Change of Director's Interest Notices x 3

  50. Sale of Leigh Creek Magnesia Project

  51. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  52. Large-scale coincident copper and gold anomalism at Blue Hills

  53. Change of Director's Interest Notice

  54. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  55. Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive for 2018/19 income yr

  56. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  57. Ceasing to be a substantial holder

  58. Reminder: Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive

  59. RAB drilling confirms copper and gold mineralisation at Blue Hills

  60. Archer to enter exclusive negotiations on quantum device IP

  61. Appendix 3B – Exercise of Unlisted Options

  62. Jamieson Tank Manganese Project Exploration Target

  63. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  64. Strategic review of options for non-graphite assets

  65. Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive

  66. Jamieson Tank manganese project

  67. Collaboration to develop carbon-based battery technologies

  68. Agreement to develop graphene-based heat transfer technology

  69. MOU with Urbix for graphite purification alternatives

  70. Technical analysis proves high quality of Campoona graphite

  71. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  72. Collaboration to develop carbon-based biosensor technologies

  73. Archer graphite and graphene business update

  74. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  75. High priority EM targets confirmed at Blue Hills

  76. Appendix 3B - Exercise of Unlisted Options

  77. AEM survey defines large copper-gold targets

  78. Exceptional cobalt, manganese & copper recovery at Ketchowla

  79. Results of Meeting

  80. Change of Director's Interest Notice x 2

  81. Appendix 3B

  82. SPP Options offer closes

  83. Reminder - SPP Options Offer Closes 12 January 2018

  84. Archer positioned to deliver on advanced material strategy

  85. SA Government grants graphite mining tenements

  86. Trading Halt

  87. More high-grade cobalt identified at Yarcowie

  88. Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form

  89. Options Prospectus

  90. Change of Director's Interest Notices x 2

  91. Change in substantial holding

  92. Continuity of copper mineralisation confirmed at Blue Hills

  93. SPP closes heavily oversubscribed

  94. Appendix 3B

  95. Acceptance of draft mining lease terms and conditions

  96. Share Purchase Plan to close early

  97. Development of Archer graphite / graphene business continues

  98. Cleansing Notice - Share Purchase Plan

  99. Availability of Archer SPP offer documents

  100. Share Purchase Plan and Application Form

  101. Changes to Archer Share Purchase Plan Terms and Conditions

  102. Draft mining lease terms & conditions received from SA Govt

  103. Cobalt up to 0.94% confirmed at Yarcowie

  104. Share Purchase Plan to raise up to $2.25 million

  105. Chairman's Address to Shareholders

  106. Results of Meeting

  107. Appendix 3B

  108. Expansion of graphite capability with strategic acquisition

  109. Graphite and Graphene Project developments

  110. New cobalt and copper prospects at North Broken Hill

  111. Eyre Peninsula Graphite and Graphene update

  112. Large scale copper prospect confirmed at Blue Hills

  113. Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement

  114. Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

  115. Copper discovery at North Broken Hill project

  116. Blue Hills copper project advancements

  117. More cobalt discovered at North Broken Hill

  118. 15.45% Cu and 0.13% Co in rock chips at North Broken Hill

  119. Gold identified in copper drilling at Blue Hills

  120. Early success at North Broken Hill Project

  121. Blue Hills large copper-gold target

  122. Quarterly Review

  123. Archer signs agreement for graphene commercialisation work

  124. Sampling extends Blue Hills copper footprint

  125. Archer progresses Campoona mining lease application

  126. Unlisted options lapse & change of Director Interest Notices

  127. Further copper intersected at surface at Blue Hills

  128. Results of Meeting

  129. Grant of remaining North Broken Hill tenements

  130. Grant of first Broken Hill tenement

  131. Blue Hills drilling returns significant copper from surface

  132. More cobalt and manganese at Ketchowla

  133. Blue Hills - a new copper discovery

  134. Magnesite project development

  135. North Broken Hill Cobalt Project update

  136. Drilling progress - Ketchowla Cobalt Manganese Project

  137. Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form

  138. Quarterly Activities Report

  139. Cobalt and manganese drilling commences at Ketchowla

  140. Ketchowla cobalt drilling imminent

  141. Projects Update

  142. More high grade cobalt discovered at Ketchowla

  143. Appendix 3B - Placement

  144. Cleansing Notice - Placement

  145. Information Required under ASX Listing Rule 3.10.5A

  146. Change in substantial holding

  147. Cobalt project update

  148. Funding to accelerate Cobalt drilling

  149. Trading Halt

  150. Half Yearly Report and Accounts

  151. High grade cobalt confirms significant new discovery

  152. New Cobalt Project near Broken Hill

  153. Termination of Cobalt Bull JV

  154. Quarterly Activities Report

  155. Quarterly Activities Report - Updated

  156. Quarterly Cashflow Report

  157. High grade cobalt and graphite on Eyre Peninsula

  158. Significant cobalt and manganese mineralisation at Ketchowla

  159. Retirement of a Director - Tom Phillips AM

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