March 22, 2022


Recruitment, quantum devices, and a European patent



Good morning, in this edition of Archer’s Newsletter, we are pleased to highlight the granting of the European Patent related to Archer’s 12CQ quantum computing chip technology and the Company’s progress in recruiting top-talent.

Archer achieved a strategic milestone with the granting of a European Patent. The patent protects a proposed qubit processor chip that offers a path to realise practical quantum computing and covers 12 countries, including Europe’s largest economies.

The granting of the European Patent significantly expands on Archer’s recent patent grants in the US, China, South Korea, and Japan, and is required for any possible future commercialisation operations in Europe.

Archer chip short clip
The device used to detect quantum spin states in Archer’s 12CQ qubit material at room temperature. The device is made using mobile compatible semiconductor materials and technology.

Joining Archer from the University of Warwick, UK, is Associate Professor Matthew Broome, who has over 15 years’ experience in building quantum computers. We’re excited to have A/Prof. Broome join us as we strengthen and grow Archer’s dynamic team.

A/Prof. Broome’s passion for quantum technology was evident early in his career. During his PhD at the University of Queensland, he set up a scientific outreach program called “Outreach in the Outback”. The program, which would be supported by grants from the Optical Society of America and the Australian Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering, enabled him to travel to remote areas of Queensland to educate and inspire school students to become the next generation of quantum scientists.

Whether you’re driven by science, deep-tech, or inspired by innovation, we encourage readers interested in joining Archer to regularly visit our Careers page for current opportunities.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE)

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