ASX Announcements

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  1. First indication of on-chip qubit control

  2. Archer progresses with semiconductor chip testing

  3. Quantum algorithms for AI-driven 12CQ chip end-uses

  4. Qubit control progress with advanced device modelling

  5. Archer begins sub-10 nanometre biochip fabrication

  6. Archer strengthens biochip nanofabrication capabilities

  7. Electronic transport in a single qubit achieved

  8. Australian Semiconductor Sector Scoping Study

  9. Progress towards qubit control

  10. Archer commences A1 Biochip development

  11. Chip build fast-tracked with qubit modelling

  12. 3D printed biosensor device hardware

  13. Quantum devices successfully built for qubit control

  14. Qubit control measurements commence

  15. Early-stage validation of quantum computing chip viability

  16. Progress towards graphene biosensors for disease detection

  17. Coated spherical graphite for lithium-ion batteries

  18. Progress towards single qubit quantum measurements

  19. Second-stage 12CQ development commences

  20. First-phase prototype of graphene-based biosensor

  21. Scalable assembly of qubit array components

  22. 12CQ qubit component positioned with nanoscale precision

  23. Campoona spherical graphite ready for battery optimisation

  24. First-stage assembly of nanoscale qubit processor

  25. Human antibodies printed on graphene biosensors

  26. Archer commences 12CQ project

  27. Spherical graphite produced from Campoona deposit

  28. Full-cell Li-ion batteries successfully produced with Campoona graphite

  29. Graphene inks for printed biosensor technologies

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