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  1. Archer Exploration's CEO discusses advanced materials in human health

  2. Archer Exploration outlines drill program testing copper gold targets

  3. Archer Exploration's CEO discusses advanced materials in reliable energy

  4. Archer Exploration's CEO discusses advanced materials in quantum computing

  5. Archer Exploration brings in $250,000 cash with magnesite asset sale

  6. Archer Exploration to seek alternatives in divesting exploration assets

  7. Archer is working on disease-detecting graphene ‘biosensors’; shares gain

  8. Archer Exploration positioned to capitalise on range of applications for advanced materials

  9. Archer Exploration highlights advanced materials business strategy amid exploration divestments

  10. Campoona graphite makes the grade

  11. Archer is making graphite ink that lets you ‘draw’ computer chips

  12. Archers confirms Campoona graphite quality

  13. Archer readies for spin-out

  14. Archer explores refinement options

  15. Here are the 100 best performing ASX small caps for FY18

  16. Archer to sell Leigh Creek Magnesia

  17. Archer finds widespread gold at Blue Hills

  18. Archer confirms copper and gold mineralisation at Blue Hills

  19. Archer shoots for graphene-based quantum computing tech IP

  20. Archer identifies exploration target at SA manganese project

  21. Archer weighs options for non-graphite projects

  22. Archer Exploration confirms EMD capability of Jamieson Tank manganese

  23. Archer to develop carbon-based battery tech with UNSW

  24. AXE Looks Downstream With ‘Near-Perfect’ Graphite

  25. Archer and FlexeGRAPH to develop graphite and graphene advanced materials

  26. Archer testing graphite for battery use

  27. Archer's Campoona graphite 'near-perfect'

  28. Archer Exploration reloads and takes aim at emerging biosensor market

  29. Archer wins approval for Eyre Peninsula graphite mine

  30. Adelaide graphite company Archer Exploration buys online marketplace

  31. Archer Exploration Ltd to develop new graphene based products