ASX Announcements

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  1. Eyre Peninsula High Purity Alumina Exploration Target

  2. Bartels gold discovery update

  3. Tungsten & tin mineralisation identified on Archer tenements

  4. Sugarloaf land sale completed

  5. Increased potential for Blue Hills to host copper-gold

  6. Final drill results for Blue Hills copper gold project

  7. Latest drill results support copper potential of Blue Hills

  8. First assays confirm copper discovery at Blue Hills

  9. Large intrusive style copper-gold alteration at Blue Hills

  10. Drilling of Blue Hills Copper-Gold Project

  11. Archer to drill Blue Hills Copper-Gold Project after termination of Share Sale Agreements

  12. Leigh Creek Magnesia Project – sale update

  13. Sale of Leigh Creek Magnesia Project

  14. Large-scale coincident copper and gold anomalism at Blue Hills

  15. RAB drilling confirms copper and gold mineralisation at Blue Hills

  16. Jamieson Tank Manganese Project Exploration Target

  17. Jamieson Tank manganese project

  18. High priority EM targets confirmed at Blue Hills

  19. AEM survey defines large copper-gold targets

  20. Exceptional cobalt, manganese & copper recovery at Ketchowla

  21. SA Government grants graphite mining tenements

  22. More high-grade cobalt identified at Yarcowie

  23. Acceptance of draft mining lease terms and conditions

  24. Draft mining lease terms & conditions received from SA Govt

  25. Cobalt up to 0.94% confirmed at Yarcowie

  26. Graphite and Graphene Project developments

  27. New cobalt and copper prospects at North Broken Hill

  28. Eyre Peninsula Graphite and Graphene update

  29. Large scale copper prospect confirmed at Blue Hills

  30. Copper discovery at North Broken Hill project

  31. Blue Hills copper project advancements

  32. More cobalt discovered at North Broken Hill

  33. 15.45% Cu and 0.13% Co in rock chips at North Broken Hill

  34. Gold identified in copper drilling at Blue Hills

  35. Early success at North Broken Hill Project

  36. Blue Hills large copper-gold target

  37. Sampling extends Blue Hills copper footprint

  38. Archer progresses Campoona mining lease application