Quantum Computing represents the future of computing, promising an exponential increase in computational power and speed. As a fundamentally different way of computation, quantum computing could potentially transform businesses and societies.

Archer recently joined the IBM Q Network, which is a community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, start-ups and national research labs working with IBM to advance quantum computing.

The agreement with IBM supports Archer’s plans to use IBM’s open-source framework, Qiskit, as the software stack for the Archer’s future 12CQ qubit processor chip technology.

The Webinar covers the future applications and potential impact of quantum computing, highlighting why the ground-breaking technology has captured the interest of leading minds, investors, organisations and governments alike.

It also covers the basics of quantum computing technology and provide a contextualised timeline toward reaching ‘quantum advantage’: the stage of development where quantum computing shows a demonstrable and significant advantage over classical computers and algorithms.

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