July 13, 2020


Qubit Control Measurements Commence



Good Afternoon, in this sixth issue of Archer’s 2020 Newsletter, we enter the new financial year with momentum, and thanks to the wonderful show support from our shareholders, the Company’s share purchase plan closed oversubscribed raising $6.3 million to fund the acceleration of Archer’s growth.

Our progress in building an industry-leading materials technology company is highlighted with the recent major developments in our 12CQ chip technology. Archer’s Quantum Technology development is led by Dr Martin Fuechsle, a pioneering quantum physicist.

The first measurement on the 12CQ chip’s fundamental qubit components was recently achieved, directly determining the qubit material is conducting. This is a significant milestone in the context of the chip’s assembly in modern electronics devices – a key part of the technology’s global competitive advantage.

Precision is required to compete in the quantum computing industry: measurements were performed on Archer’s qubit materials that are only a few billionths of a meter in size, using components atoms-thick on fabricated testbed chips, to detect electric currents that are a millionth of a millionth of an amp.

Archer is able to arrive at such world-class results, at the very limits of what is technologically possible, because of the Company’s in-house expertise working with brilliant Australian scientists – all while wearing the infamous ‘bunny suit’, inside (possibly) the most stable cleanroom semiconductor foundry in the southern hemisphere.

Recently, Archer has continued its focus on quantum measurements, by commencing qubit control measurements, which directly relate to the 12CQ chip operation. It is expected these control measurements will be performed over 6 months, and the Company will release key measurements to ASX.

Achieving control of single and few qubits in our 12CQ chip design components would mark our first major technology development milestone in chip operation and a paradigm shift in the wider quantum computing economy that thrives on and values such disruptive advances.

This knowledge must be protected. Quantum computing is not a ‘fast-follower’ field, and one of the greatest barriers to entry globally, faced by big and small companies alike, is the knowledge required in turning materials (some of which don’t even exist yet) into functional qubit processors.

These quantum computing qubit processors have to be built in order to run algorithms currently being developed that have revolutionary applications in all sectors reliant on increasing computational power, like AI, digital security, drug discovery, and telecommunications.

Archer is prosecuting its exclusively licenced international portfolio of patent applications protecting the intellectual property related to the 12CQ chip technology. Recently, the Japanese patent application significantly progressed in the patent granting procedure, following similar progress with the EU application.

Commercialisation of the 12CQ chip technology involves developing prototypes of the chip, which is a world-first, in parallel to other technology development work packages, intellectual property prosecution, and commercialisation.

The year ahead promises to deliver significant strides in the commercialisation of Archer’s materials technology, and we look forward to updating you with exciting news in the coming editions, with commentary and contributions from Archer staff.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE)


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