March 17, 2023


Multi-scale wafer fab of quantum devices


Good afternoon,

In this edition of Archer’s Newsletter, we highlight the Company’s recent technology development progress and establishment within the deep tech ecosystem in Europe.

Archer is well funded into the foreseeable future and is now a company firmly on its growth path.

The Archer team is making considerable progress in 12CQ chip development. Our innovation aims to develop a carbon-based spin qubit and integrate this quantum technology with modern semiconductor devices.

Recent progress towards this goal has involved fabricating wafer-scale quantum electronic devices, completing advanced quantum measurements, advances in chip architecture engineering, and second-generation integrated quantum device development.

Archer’s technical achievements are providing a strong basis for external engagement with tier-one semiconductor companies, recently including TSMC (the largest semiconductor foundry in the world), to secure future manufacturing capabilities, and service and support technology development.

Our focus remains very sharply on quantum work and related semiconductor operations and we continue to advance methodically towards our goals.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE)

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