December 14, 2020


Deep tech, machine learning and artificial intelligence



Good morning, in this eleventh issue of Archer’s 2020 Newsletter, I delve a little deeper into our most recent collaboration with fellow IBM Q Network member, Max Kelsen, and also highlight the rapid progress we are making in the development of our 12CQ technology.

Quantum AI can be incredibly powerful

Archer entered into a collaboration with Max Kelsen, an Australian company and recognised global leader in AI and Machine Learning – the Amazon Partner of the year in 2020 for Data and AI – and also part of the IBM Q Network, through which Archer and Max Kelsen met.

If you would like to know more about AI and the value it brings to global enterprise, Accenture sum it up nicely here. It’s important to note that AI is a collection of technology, with its own set of jargon, and is deeply technical.

In this deep tech domain is where Archer and Max Kelsen thrive. AI is undoubtedly powerful – and now quantum computing could make AI even more powerful – with real quantum computers already being used to prove it.

We will work with the team at Max Kelsen to develop quantum algorithms, such as those related to ‘quantum artificial neural networks’ (these are used in Quantum AI) and we will run and validate the speed ups in machine learning and processing (an aspect of AI) that these algorithms could provide over modern computers.

This validation will be performed on real quantum machines available to us at IBM using IBM’s Qiskit to program these algorithms, courtesy of our collaboration with IBM. In doing so, we can then validate real use cases for our 12CQ technology and demonstrate Qiskit’s utility.

Archer’s 12CQ qubit processor build progresses

The collaboration with Max Kelsen is a critical step in the commercialisation of the 12CQ chip because the principal purpose of building quantum computing processors is to apply and run quantum algorithms to generate value from outperforming modern computing.

We are on track in building our 12CQ qubit processor chip, which is the only proposed qubit architecture in the world with the proven potential to operate at room temperature and integrate to modern devices. There are only a handful of companies who are working on (or have built) qubit processors.

Building a qubit processor is difficult, complex work, and I am proud to say we have the people at Archer who can do this work and we are partnered with the very best in quantum computing to fast-track our world-first chip development.

We set our technology roadmap 18 months ago, and we are firmly on track today. Our current focus is on achieving qubit control on few and single qubits and we have been designing, building and testing the quantum devices to do this here in Sydney, Australia. Achieving qubit control will be a major advance towards 12CQ chip operation.

Moving into 2021 with momentum

We have an exciting year to look forward to. Our patent applications are progressing towards granting around the world, our technology development is advancing rapidly, and we are entering into partnerships with key global players that allow us to realise the step-change value of our technologies.

We are in the process of strategically consolidating our business model, which will allow us to streamline our path to commercialisation.

I look forward to meeting with you next year to tell you all about it in-person. It will be great to show you firsthand the amazing technologies we are building, how they are all linked, the exceptionally talented people we work with, and the world-class tech foundries we operate in to do our precision work.

See you soon.


Dr Mohammad Choucair, FRACI FRSN GAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Archer Materials Limited (ASX:AXE)


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