Electrical – Measurement Engineer

Sydney | Australia

Department: Quantum Technology

The Role

As Electrical- Measurement Engineer, you will develop next generation qubit characterisation and readout technologies. Operating at the forefront of quantum technologies, you’ll  optimise the measurement techniques and experimental setups to push the limits of what is possible and what has been previously achieved. You will combine a diverse set of engineering techniques and theoretical knowledge to create your own electronic components and interface with cutting edge electronic equipment.

The role will involve the development and integration of cryogenic electronics and mechanical components. On a day-to-day bases, you will be involved in the experiment design and optimisation; SPICE modelling and electronic simulation; PCB and cryogenic component design and manufacture; and the management and operation of measurements.

We’re seeking a team member who is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and enjoys a challenge; someone who is equally comfortable to solve a problem on a computer or with a soldering iron.

The role will involve

  • The design and implementation of next generation qubit characterisation and readout technologies.
  • Interfacing with the team to identify key requirements, limitations, and opportunities to enhance current and future measurement capabilities.
  • Create optimised high-end electronic circuits and components for Archer’s quantum technologies program.
  • Workshop and problem-solve issues to provide optimal solutions to a host of engineering and scientific challenges.
  • Interface with suppliers, manufacturing facilities and industry partners to source and manage the manufacture of components and electronics.
  • Develop a knowledge base and technical know-how for the challenges of scaling Archer’s qubit technology.
  • Participate in the development of intellectual property and filing of patents.
  • Communicate technological developments in high-impact journal, press releases and ASX announcements.